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Language development

Language training in the Montessori classroom begins the moment a child steps through the door. The main language of communication in Mama Montessori is English.

The mental capacity for creating language is unique. The child has all s/he needs to prepare for language - therefore, put into her/his environment, s/he absorbs completely and with little effort, the language of her/his group.  Until the child is age six s/he absorbs everything with little effort. After age 6 the child is able to learn a new language but it is only with a conscious effort that this can be done.

Language training in Mama Montessori classrooms involves activities that elicit language from the children and make them aware of the content, meaning, and context of the language they are hearing and using. 

  • Self-Expression

  • Conversation

  • Reading

  • Singing

  • Verbal Stories

  • 'Imagine' Stories 

  • Question Games 

  • Oral Composition

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